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Foyer Restaurant and Gallery, Aberdeen

The Foyer Restaurant and Gallery in the Scottish city of Aberdeen features a restaurant that focuses on the production of high quality Scottish cuisine, using fresh local produce while providing a contemporary decor and ambience, enhanced by the presence of an art gallery. The combination is the result of work by Aberdeen Foyer, an organisation that runs the restaurant and uses the proceeds for charitable purposes.

Aberdeen Foyer and the Enterprise

The goal of Aberdeen Foyer is the charitable prevention and alleviation of homelessness and unemployment amongst youth in Aberdeen. To these ends, Aberdeen Foyer runs a company known as Foyer Enterprise, which is the umbrella organisation for a number of commercial initiatives, including the Foyer Restaurant and Gallery.

The restaurant itself is located in a renovated church, providing a spacious and modern dining environment that is also utilised to showcase the collection of artistic works by a range of popular artists. The restaurant has received a number of positive reviews from publications such as ‘Scotland the Best travel guide’, and offers family dining and a regular rotation of displayed art, so that even regular customers can frequently find something new.

In addition, the attached art gallery provides a diverse and locally sponsored range of artwork to Aberdeen city centre, and has become a popular venue both among visitors and diners and among the artists and sponsors who put on exhibitions in the space. New exhibition openings have become particularly popular events at the Foyer Restaurant and Gallery.

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