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Artists take over bridge

A Bath bridge became a work of art for five nights to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Pulteney Bridge was used for a series of video projections by artists Anthony Head and Paul Minott as part of the city’s celebrations.

Other buildings in the city were also lit up with visual effects and displays by Enlightened Lighting, as part of a weekend of events organised by of Bath & North East Somerset Council.

Anthony Head took over the unusual canvass of Pulteney Bridge for the first three nights to showcase his digital work based on the themes of music and the Jubilee.

Paul Minott then took over the brickwork to show his animated homage to Great British Queens.

Anthony also projected a piece of interactive art entitled Jackie onto the Pump Room in the city centre for the weekend.

He said: “We’re trying to do something a bit different, something you wouldn’t expect for Bath. I hope people enjoyed being surprised by the work as they walked around the city.”

Councillor Cherry Beath said: “Bath & North East Somerset Council is proud to present this innovative project which looked breathtaking against the magnificent backdrop of Bath’s beautiful architecture.

“Anthony Head and his team once again produced a really imaginative piece of work and I can’t wait to see how the crowds reacted to the interactive Jackie.”

Simon Marcus, of Enlightened Lighting, said: “It’s rare to have the opportunity to illuminate such beautiful architecture with no other purpose than to produce a sense of wonder. It really will be a weekend to remember.”


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