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Big goodbye for Thelma and Stephanie

Pharmacy staff Thelma and Stephanie retired on the same day after working behind the same counter for 43 years.

Thelma Creese and Stephanie Newbury both started working at the Lauder and Gamlin Pharmacy in Trowbridge in 1969.

Stephanie worked on the shop floor while Thelma worked in the dispensary before the pair retired together at the end of April.

Stephanie, 64, of Semington, said she would be enjoying her retirement in her French villa, adding: “My husband I will be spending more time there, but I’m going to miss the girls here at the pharmacy and the customers I have met over the years, who we have made friends with.

“I’ve seen some of our customers have babies, seen them grow up and now they come in here themselves.”

Thelma, 63, of Broughton Gifford, said: “I’d like to see more of this country and spend more time in the garden, now that I will have more time on my hands.

“I’ve had some wonderful variety at work in this job. No two days have been the same and I will miss that.”

Pharmacy owner John Lauder, 64, said he would find it hard to replace his two experienced members of staff.

He said: “They have been very loyal to me and always turned up for work.

“The customers have got a good rapport with them and that sort of experience is very hard to find.”

The pair were given a big send-off with the help of some cakes and plenty of flowers.

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