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Mystery donation for school choir

Thousands of pounds were left in an envelope outside a German cathedral for a school choir in Bath.

The mystery donation of 5,000 euros (around £4,000) was left with a note in Bath’s twin city of Braunschweig, for the St Andrew’s C of E Primary School choir.

The benefactor said they had read about the choir in a German newspaper and invited the group of children to sing at the Braunschweig Cathedral.

Headteacher Sue East said: “It is a vindication of the work we have been doing in developing a creative curriculum including music, drama and the arts and raising the profile of global learning in our school.

“Our school motto is: Learning for Living – Life in all its fullness.

“We believe that all children deserve the opportunity to develop broader cultural experiences – we never, however, dreamt of taking them to Germany!

“We view this wonderful gift as a seed from which greater things can grow.”

The choir had been featured in the paper after being visited by a German music specialist.

Other good causes in Braunschweig have also recently been given mystery donations after featuring in newspapers.

Shean Bowers, Bath Abbey’s assistant director of music and choral director for schools, said: “We’re delighted for St Andrew’s, who we’ve worked with as part of the Abbey’s Schools Singing Programme for nearly a year now.

“Singing in a group has had a positive impact on the children overall, helping to build their confidence, teamwork skills and adding to their enjoyment of music.

“The pupils and staff at the school have been fantastic to work with and really deserve their good fortune.”


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