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Superhero Fights Litter Laziness

A superhero is being flown into the city of Belfast to help beat littering, after a council survey found young people drop rubbish because they are too lazy to find a bin.

The poll, conducted by Ipsos MORI on behalf of Belfast City Council, had surprising results. It found that 48 per cent of those surveyed said they dropped litter because of laziness. It found that 16-29-year-olds were the most likely people to drop litter (67 per cent), while the over-45s were least likely (27 per cent).

Character Captain Cleanup has been launched in the city to tackle the issue and make young people more aware of the problem.

Judith Greene, Community Awareness Manager with the council’s Cleansing Services, said: “Littering is a real bugbear for so many people and when we ask ratepayers what they’d like to see, so often the response is less litter on our streets.

“We spend around £11m every year cleaning the city streets – and picking up other people’s litter; money that could be better spent on other council services. It’s not an issue that’s going to go away unless people start to change their behaviour and we, as a society, start to see littering as socially unacceptable.”

During the campaign, a competition is being run entitled The Brush Factor. Community groups, schools, voluntary groups and individual are being encouraged to organise a cleanup between the months of April and August, taking before and after pictures. They will automatically be entered into a competition for a prize.

Schools have also been asked to take part in a storytelling session and colouring competition for a chance to win a penguin-shaped bin.

Belfast City Council says it spends £60,000 a year removing chewing gum from the streets.

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