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Hugh’s thought for food

We are all guilty of throwing away food. That furry piece of cheese hidden away in the back of the fridge; a few mouldy carrots; the scraps from the Sunday roast you just can’t face on Tuesday.

So hats off to TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, campaigning to make the most of leftovers with tasty dishes using those bits heading for the bin.

But aside from making us feel guilty, Hugh has bigger fish to fry!

He’s attacking the supermarkets who he says are guilty of a far more heinous crime, that of discarding hundreds of tons of perfectly good food every year simply because they order too much.

Yes, Hugh claims the big food organisations can’t bear the thought of spaces on the shelves, so their priority is to cram them with fruit, vegetables and meat. The excess is rejected.

Of course supermarkets want to protect their soft, friendly image so they offload a fraction of unwanted food to charities like FareShare, which redistributes it to people in need.

But Hugh hasn’t been fobbed off by this token gesture, and with the whiff of a scandal in his nostrils he’s dug deeper to discover the rest of supermarkets’ spare stock ends up as anaerobic digestion (no, I hadn’t heard of it either).

AD is a process that uses microorganisms to break down organic matter to produce biogas, which can be burned to generate electricity and heat, or renewable gas.

The supermarkets say this is better than food being dumped in landfill, but Hugh argues that AD is a pointless waste of good food that can and should be eaten.

He’s got the bit between his teeth and wants us all to take a stand by supporting his campaign to force the supermarkets to change their wasteful ways

It’s a no brainer.


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