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‘Smart city’ government cash goes to Glasgow

The Scottish city of Glasgow has won a £24m government grant that will be used to make it one of the UK’s first smart cities.

The money will be spent on projects that will demonstrate how a city of the future might work.  There will be better services for city dwellers with real time traffic information alongside new apps that will provide details about whether the buses and trains are running on time.

The money will fund CCTV cameras across the city that will be used for traffic management purposes. The city will also be the first in the UK to use analytical software and security cameras that will help identify and prevent crime. Energy levels will be monitored in order to find new ways to provide gas and electricity to areas in the city that have issues with fuel poverty.

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in the UK and it is hoped that the money will bring together energy, transport, public safety and health concerns and improve the lives of Glaswegians.

Leader of Glasgow City Council Councillor, Gordon Matheson, added: “This is a huge boost to Glasgow’s ambitions to build a better future for our city and its people.

“By linking everything from foot and vehicle traffic to council tax collection and hospital waiting lists we can ensure we are being as innovative and smart to meet the continued challenges of a modern and future city life.”

Birmingham, Sunderland and London will also benefit from new technologies to improve their local services and make them work smarter.

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2 Responses to ‘Smart city’ government cash goes to Glasgow

  1. Bess says:

    This is truly epic 😀 Thanks for putting this online!

  2. Ann Trammell says:

    Inspiring story there. What happened after? Thanks!