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The fridge or not the fridge – that is the question

Where do you stand on the great fridge debate? Should your tomato sauce be kept in the fridge, or in the cupboard?

The nation is pretty split on this important subject, with the ‘keep it chilled’ camp winning by a small margin.

Supermarket Asda has sparked this ongoing debate once again by announcing that it will now be storing ketchup in its fridges as well as on the shelves – to keep everyone happy.

Its decision follows a poll of customers, the results of which were announced on Twitter: “The results are in on our tomato ketchup Twitter poll – 54% voted to keep it in the cupboard rather than the fridge.”

Followers responded with a variety of opinions including: “Once opened, plastic in the fridge. Glass, always in the cupboard/pantry at room temp.” “Waste of electricity, absolutely no need to keep it in the fridge.”

YouGov has also run a poll on this hot topic, with 53% saying the fridge is the best place for your tomato sauce. Its readers also narrowly voted against keeping eggs in the fridge.

So, what is the science behind these questions? Well, the NHS advises keeping eggs in the fridge, saying this ensures they are kept at a constant temperature.

As for the ketchup, well the jury is still out on that one. The NHS advises following the instructions on the bottle (which say refrigerate once open) but the cupboard campaigners say a vinegar and sugar based sauce is very unlikely to go off.


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