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There’s a seal in my garden!

Did you hear the one about the woman who found a seal in her garden? It’s not a terrible Christmas cracker joke, it’s actually a true story!

The seal was found over a mile from the sea in the back garden of a house in Norfolk.

The RSPCA believed it had swum up a river before heading through a garden fence and into the garden.

The good news is, it was a happy ending, with the seal being successfully released back into the sea.

RSPCA inspector Naemi Kilbey said: “It’s not uncommon for seals to venture up rivers away from the sea looking for food and they normally manage to find their way back.

“But it looks like this guy’s internal navigation system got a bit frazzled and he ended up a little lost. The lady certainly had a shock when she spotted him lazing around in her shrubbery.”

The animal charity is not new to rescuing stranded seals. In December, a seal pup had to be rescued from a farmer’s field seven miles from the sea in the Vale of Glamorgan.

RSPCA animal collection officer Gary Lucas said: “As the crow flies, this amazing seal pup was almost seven miles from the sea and must have reached Graig Penllyn after travelling up the tiniest of streams possible.

“It is hoped, after a period in RSPCA care, that he can be released along with other seal pups in the near future.”

Seals aren’t the only unusual animal to need rescuing by the charity recently. Staff had to free a deer that became tangled in a fence in Sussex after rope became tangled around its antlers. The message here is that netting, rope and other rubbish can be harmful to wild animals, so please be aware.

What better way to start the new year than with some amazing animal rescue stories.


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