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Veganuary – have you thought about going vegan for January?

Losing weight and changing your lifestyle are often resolutions heard throughout the New Year, as people use the turning of the year as a benchmark to start living better and adopting healthier lives.

Veganuary is an initiative encouraging people to become vegan for the month of January, cutting out all animal-derived foods and products in a bid to overhaul their lives for ethical and environmental reasons.

Veganism has become a much more popular lifestyle choice in recent years, with research showing that our consumption of meat is contributing to environmental issues.

Some of the statistics are astonishing. For example, it takes 100-200 times the amount of water to produce a pound of beef than it does to produce a pound of plant foods. In a world where clean water shortages exist, this is naturally a cause for concern.

There are certain health queries associated with adjusting to a vegan diet, however. Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals are one of the biggest causes for concern, especially a lack of Vitamin B12 which can cause folate deficiency anaemia.

Vegan foods and supplements can often be expensive to buy, so maintaining and upholding a vegan diet requires factoring in a potentially more expensive food shop.

And adopting a vegan lifestyle doesn’t only mean changing areas of your diet; it can change your everyday practices. For example, it may change the types of cleaning and beauty products you use – many of which, unbeknownst to you, are not vegan.

Veganuary followers are claiming on social media to feel much better having substituted meat with vegan alternatives and tend to live an all-round ‘cleaner’ lifestyle.

So, will you be considering changing up your lifestyle in favour of veganism this January?


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