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Where’s my keys, where’s my phone?

Ever found yourself patting and fumbling through every pocket in your coat to find your keys or your phone?

Ever spent 10 minutes rooting through the seemingly endless pit of a rucksack to find what you are looking for?

If so, a new invention may make your life a lot easier – or possibly a lot harder, I can’t decide!

Unveiled at the CES 2017 technology show is a new gadget jacket with a staggering 42 pockets!

There is even a pocket for your laptop in this wearable storage solution which has pockets designed for every gadget you will ever need to carry with you.

As someone who loses their sunglasses for weeks at a time, and someone who rings their phone regularly to locate it (usually in my bag the whole time) I’m not sure whether I think this jacket is a great idea or an awful one! I fear items would enter the jacket and never been seen again.

Add a smart talking application and you would have me hooked. Imagine, you would ask your jacket “where did I put my keys” and somehow it would be able to locate which pocket they were in and light it up for you, or vibrate. I estimate I would have many extra minutes in my week if this were possible.


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