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Who doesn’t love a good cringe!

Don’t you just love a good blunder! You know the one I’m talking about…

It was such uncomfortable but addictive viewing when the wrong film was read out as the winner of Best Film due to a mix-up of envelopes. How many times did you watch the clip? Come on, I bet it was at least five times!

I have to admit, I did take quite a lot of satisfaction from watching the squirming and embarrassment up on the stage as the mini drama unfolded.

As you have probably read for yourself already, La La Land was announced as the winner and the usual acceptance speeches were underway before the mistake was revealed – the winner was in fact Moonlight.

Considering all the money these people are paid and considering Moonlight was the underdog, I felt no guilt at enjoying this painful moment as La La Land had to hand over the statuette!

The glitz and glamour of the Oscars is a reasonably pleasant thing to watch, but it can get a bit samey, year after year, so this little bit of excitement made my day and I’m not ashamed to admit it!

Best Actress winner Emma Stone summed up: “Is that the craziest Oscar moment of all time? We made history tonight.”

There is a science behind why we love watching things that make us cringe – it’s why TV series The Office was such a hit. So don’t worry if you enjoyed the Oscars too much, it’s perfectly normal!


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