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‘Firework bun’ is a viral hit!

Sarah Ratcliffe, who owns a hairdressers in Bolton, has become an internet sensation after an image of the ‘firework bun’ she created for her daughter went viral across the internet.

23 year old Sarah first created the hairstyle for Tia Lexy, 4, for her role as an Angel in a school nativity play.

The firework bun involves one long plait in a spiral style and was the result of Sarah experimenting with styles. She uploaded a picture of the bun onto Facebook and couldn’t believe the hundreds of responses that she received from people from all over the world.

In just one week, the picture received 100,000 ‘likes’ and over 1,500 people have commented on it.

Sarah, who runs her own salon, said: “I always upload photos of the hairstyles I do to Facebook, but the response to this one has been phenomenal. People from Australia, America, New Zealand and Hong Kong have been looking at it. I can’t quite believe it.

“I’ve got such a buzz from this, I can’t stop smiling. I’m always by the computer because as soon as I’ve replied to one message, another one pops up.

“It’s great to get such a good response to something you love doing. I’ve always wanted to do this as a business – I was braiding girls’ hair in the street when I was a young teenager.”

Due to all of this attention, Sarah is fully-booked until mid-January and has clients coming from across the UK for appointments. She is also holding tutorials so she can teach others how to create her signature ‘firework bun’ and other hairstyles.

Sarah added: “It’s actually a really simple hairstyle. I called it a firework because of the way the bun looks at the top.”

The bun takes around 45 minutes to create and Sarah says that the style needs the model to have hair which falls to mid-back length.

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