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Accountants’ new website features ‘Mr Bentley’

Bentleys Chartered Accountants in Bolton are enlisting an animated stick man to help boost business. “Mr Bentley” has been created by webvideo producers Videobaby.co.uk and will help customers navigate the company’s new site.

Mr Bentley will be used to deliver message about the services that the accountants offer in a novel way.

Claire Andow, senior producer of Videobaby said that adding videos on business sites was an effective tool and offered some creativity.

She added: “The search engine Google now gives priority rankings to websites which contain video content.

“Not only that, when it is done well, video can be very engaging and can really boost visitor statistics. It’s the future of website content.”

Bentleys managing partner, John Shaw, said: “The opportunities for online marketing are vast and this makes our website an important first port of call for many potential clients. We are always looking to keep the content up to date and fresh.

“Initially, we couldn’t imagine filming a video but the way in which this has been done, using animated graphics, looks creative and professional.”

The accountancy firm is hoping that their new website will appeal to small and medium sized businesses, start-up and family firms.

Mr Shaw said: “We were delighted with the creative process.

“Claire and Matt from Videobaby did everything in-house, from taking the brief, through to the design and production of graphics, producing original music and providing the dialogue. Claire is also a professional voice-over artist.”

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