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Bolton’s oldest pub keeping up to date with the latest computer technology

A new film has been made about Ye Olde Man and Scythe in Churchgate, one of the oldest public houses in England.

The film tells the story of the area’s longest serving pubs, outdating the other pubs and hotels in Bolton by hundreds of years.

The pub was closed briefly in October 2012 before it was rescued by entrepreneur Richard Greenwood.

The pub was reopened in November and its new owner pledged to preserve its character and turn it into a local tourist attraction. Dating back to 1251, it is thought to be one of the four oldest public houses in England.

The film, which can be seen on YouTube, was commissioned by Mr Greenwood and shows images of the pub alongside facts about its history.

The pub has stepped even further into the computer age with an “augmented reality” still image of the pub which provides information about the establishment when viewed on computer tablets and smartphones.

37 year old Mr Greenwood has worked as a consultant for bars and hotels around the world before he took over at the Man and Scythe.

He said: “It took about three weeks to put together and we’ve gone over the history of the pub — I think people will find it quite interesting.

“The augmented reality is a still picture which comes to life and people jump back when they see it.

“Hopefully it will bring more people to see the pub and we’d like to get it out there to local organisations.”

“We wanted to make more of its history, and turning it into a tourist attraction is still something I’d like to work together with the council on.”

“Things are going fantastically and the response has been really good. People are just happy for the place to be open.”

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