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Solicitor urges women to help with Oxfam mission in Cambodia

A mother of two, who works as a solicitor in Bolton, is looking for support following her trip to an Oxfam mission in Cambodia.

Single mum Janet Larkin went to Cambodia to meet with women who have benefited from Oxfam’s Pink Phones project. The project gives phones to female community leaders in the area.

54 year old Janet said: “It’s incredible how small projects and small ideas can make a huge change to women’s lives. We take our mobile phones so much for granted and we use them for everything. But for the Cambodian women they have been so critical.

“Oxfam can send vital information through the phones such as market prices for crops and weather information which helps the women plan harvesting. Information is then passed on throughout the community.

“The women choose to have the phones in pink as a deterrent to men who may want to take the phones from them.”

Janet is now working with Oxfam on their Get Together campaign. The project encourages people to fundraise for women’s projects around the world.

If you would like more information about Oxfam ‘Get Together’ events, contact Harriet Roberts 07557 291 868 or 0161 234 2923.

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