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Residents look for the ‘Beast of the Beacon’

Residents have been keeping their eyes peeled after sightings of a big cat were reported in their village.

The creature, which has been dubbed the Beast of the Beacon, was spotted in the area around Ditchling village, on the outskirts of Brighton.

Eileen Nutley says she saw an animal resembling a lynx as she drove along the Beacon Road. Experts say big cats have been reported in the area in the past.

Mrs Nutley said: “I spotted a creature coming towards the road, I can only describe it as a big cat.

“As we drove past, my daughter and I were both shocked and we both just said: ‘I think it was a lynx’.

“It definitely wasn’t a domestic cat, it was about the same size as a small Labrador but with pointed ears, grey coloured and a very feline face.

“I’m just sorry we didn’t have the chance to take a picture.”

A dog was also reported to have chased after an unusual looking creature on the Beacon a few weeks earlier.

The sighting follows years of speculation over a big cat mystery known as the Beast of Bevendean. Sightings of a big cat have been reported several times in this area of the city.

Filmmaker Ewan Gorman, a teacher at the Brighton Film School, is hoping to make a movie about the Beast of Bevendean.

A trailer has been shot and there are hopes the film, which will be about an hour and 40 minutes long, will be aired nationwide.


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