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Baby fox recovers

A tiny baby fox is getting back on his feet after being found abandoned in the road.

The fox was found lying in Copers Cope Road, Beckenham, when he was just two weeks old.

Staff from the developer Bloor Homes tried to feed the animal some water before he was taken to The Wildlife Lodge in Beckenham.

Staff at the lodge said the baby may have been dropped by its mother while being moved.

Andy Callaghan, who helps run The Wildlife Lodge, said: “Each year, we receive around 1,000 calls and care for about 800 animals, but we don’t get many fox cubs.

“To stop him being on his own and becoming too tame and friendly, we took him down to The Fox Project in Tonbridge, where he can socialise with other cubs and stay wild.”

The Fox Project’s director Trevor Williams said: “We could see he was about two weeks old and his condition was good.

“We gave him an enormous bottle of puppy milk and he lay flat out on a heat pad under fluffy toy surrogate mother duck.

“As there was no sign of other foxes or a den nearby, we suspect he may have been dropped by a startled vixen, moving him from A to B. Pity, because we always try to reunite cubs with vixens where we can.

“With us, he will join a litter of four other cubs and become part of a family that will remain together through the summer months.

“Then, we will release him back to the wild somewhere between late July and early September.”


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