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Super slimmer says don’t diet

Super slimmer Trevor Holland has lost a staggering 6st in five months and says his advice to others is ‘don’t diet’.

Trevor, 28, of Burnt Ash Lane, in Bromley, is still planning to lose another 4st in his battle against the bulge, which began in August last year.

The artist was worried about his health after he reached 26st last year. He said his weight gain was mainly due to comfort eating following the death of his father.

He began exercising and moderating his eating habits and the results have been phenomenal.

He said: “The mistake that so many dieters make is self-explanatory – they’re dieting. Dieting brings with it deprivation and, ultimately, resentment. The vast majority of people who crash diet, end up gaining all the weight they’ve lost and then some.

“This is a trap that many, many people fall into. We seek quick fixes and magic spells in order to reach the goals we create for ourselves. I’m determined not to fall into this trap. If I completely deny myself the pleasures that food can provide, I will resent the process and it won’t take long at all for me to quit and go back to my old ways.

“For me, it’s eating one bag of hula hoops a couple of times a week, rather than an Irish Potato Famine-inducing warehouse of Pringles. My problem has never been the types of food I’ve eaten, but the sheer volume of it.”

Trevor said he allowed himself a few extra treats over the Christmas period and although he did not lose any weight for the first time since he started, he only put on one pound.

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