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Pyjamas ditched by Mr Bojangles

World-famous rescue dog Mr Bojangles has made a full recovery after spending months wearing pyjamas due to a serious skin condition.

The dog, who hit the national headlines last year after being taken in by the Impawtant Pups Rescue Centre, in Stapenhill, is now fit and healthy and looking for a new home.

The 11-month-old pooch attracted attention from all over the world after being found in such a bad condition he nearly had to be put down.

Donations were sent to the centre from as far away as Australia and America by people who were touched by his story.

Mr Bojangles was suffering from a skin condition called Demedox mange and his treatment involved him wearing pyjamas to stop him scratching and to allow his wounds to heal.

Charity co-founder Emma Nicholson said: “It’s been a long road for him but now he is fit and healthy.

“I forget what he used to look like because I see him every day but there is a huge difference compared to how bad his skin used to be.

“He is looking for a loving home, but we want it to be perfect.

“He was so traumatised when we rescued him so he needs to be in a home where someone can be with him for most of the day or where there is another dog.

“He would be fine with children over 10 years old who will give him lots of play time and cuddles, as he is so loving, but he is bouncy. He is a fantastic all-round animal.”

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