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Album takes 35 years

Singer-songwriter Ian Reynolds has made his debut album at the age of 53, after first being discovered 35 years ago.

Ian, of Tottington, has released his CD Shreds after his talent was spotted for a second time last year.

He was first signed by EMI Publishing when he was just 19 years old, but nothing happened and he then spent the next 35 years playing live performances.

He said: “I’ve finally become an overnight success after 35 years of trying.

“I signed for EMI Publishing 35 years ago, but nothing came from it.

“Subsequently, I played in North West folk clubs for 30 years and spent three years playing professionally in Norway.”

The folk musician was performing in Middleton a year ago when he was approached by Bill Leader and John Ellis of Limefield Records.

The CD Shreds is made up of 11 songs written by Ian, and features Paul Cowham, who he played in a duet with for a while.

Ian chose unusual packaging for the album, which is something he feels strongly about.

He explained: “I’ve never been satisfied with CD packaging. I’ve always thought it detracted from the experience of adding artwork, written lyrics and sleeve notes to a collection of songs or music.

“So, I thought, why design a book to fit into a CD case, when we could design a book that the CD fitted into?”

The CD comes in a seven-inch square box, with the accompanying literature. It has already been given good reviews from those in the music industry.


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