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Time capsule discovered

Firefighters have discovered a time capsule hidden in the walls of their station.

The capsule, from 1965, was found in the wall of The Rock station in Bury, and contained details and artefacts from when the building was first opened.

Fire crews are due to move out of the building in June and into a new station at the Chamberhall Business Park.

The capsule was discovered when a commemorative stone from the old station was removed to take to the new site.

Station manager Mark Threader said: “There were rumours going around the station that there was a time capsule so we contacted the estates and building department at Fire Service HQ but they were unsure whether it was true.

“It was only when they came down to remove the stone that we discovered the time capsule. Everyone was shocked and surprised and interested in what was inside because it’s not every day you get to see a local newspaper from 47 years ago and original plans of the building. It’s perfect timing for the opening of the new station.

“We also believe there’s a false wall in one of the manager’s offices with old maps of Greater Manchester that control operators used to use, but we can’t start knocking walls down just yet!”

The capsule contained building plans, coins, costing sheets for building work and a copy of the Bury Times newspaper, dated Saturday, January 30, 1965.

The old station cost £167,000 to build compared to the new station, which is costing around £1.6 million.


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