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Cam on in – the water’s amazing . . .

Brave swimmers took to the River Cam this New Year’s Day for some freezing fun!

Around 60 people decided to blow the cobwebs of 2011 away and leap into the chilly water for an annual dip in Grantchester.

The now traditional event began 15 years ago with only a handful of people taking part, but the amount of game for a go swimmers has increased every year. Swimmers include people of all ages who wish to refresh themselves with a festive dip.

Last year the water was a chilly 4C, so participants were pleased to hear that the water had warmed up a bit and was 6C.

25 year old Caiti Grove, of Hertford Street, Cambridge, said: “It is an amazing experience. You can feel all your nerve endings and it gets rid of the hangover from the night before. It is a ritual that feels like an extension to New Year’s Eve. It is great to have the celebrations continue with family and friends.”

Caiti’s brother Jack Grove, 30, added: “It feels a bit like burning when you get out but it is invigorating. It is a tonic to pick you up after a heavy night and there is nothing like a brisk cold swim to set you up for a new year. It wasn’t heart-stoppingly cold like last year, but it still felt pretty Arctic.”

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