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Cumbrian Town’s Annual Festival A Success

Cockermouth was filled with a host of entertainment recently with the annual free music festival. Saxophonist Snake Davis and babies banging drums were some of the sights and sounds that were found at the festival.

There were a great deal of fun events including the Sonic Picnic, Moky exercise sessions and drama performances from Kirkgate Youth Theatre. Musicians of all abilities had the opportunity to play along with saxophonist Snake Davis at Friends Meeting House before he took to the stage at his sell out show.

In the Memorial Gardens there were two stages, one in association with CockRock and Young Cumbria which offered teenagers somewhere to hang and watch live music for free.

All performers donated their time and talent for free and it was free for all attendees. Co-organiser Kathy Hick said the turnout was better than expected, despite some bad weather: “The event was to celebrate and share the talent we have in and around Cockermouth and to give the town a fantastic day of music and drama. This year we have been approached by bands from as far away as Barnsley and Leeds who had heard about the festival and wanted to play but lots of the talent is very local from Cockermouth and West Cumbria. It was a really, really good turnout. I think people know better than to let a little bit of rain put them off good music.”

She also said that the event would not have been possible without the help of the event’s volunteers that gave up their time to help out.

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