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The Green Man–Edney

Just south of Lady Grove on Highwood Road is one of Chelmsford’s most relaxed pubs, a country house that retains the dark hardwood décor of a typical English pub. The English countryside can be cold and inhospitable during certain times of the year, and the restaurant’s ample English and Continental cuisine is warming and inviting. The restaurant is located just a short distance south-west of the town centre at Chelmsford off the A414, between Chelmsford and Chipping Ongar.

Food and Drink

Since its recent refurbishment, The Green Man offers a delectable menu of English and Continental delicacies including roast duck, pork belly and a variety of seafood. Shrimp, prawn, fish and scallops are the restaurant’s most popular dishes, while the milk chocolate and marshmallow mousse is a diner’s favourite for desert. The pub serves several European and international wines including a house champagne as well as the locally brewed beer. The Green man offers special seasonal menus, such as their menu for Christmas. The special menus on offer also provide some great deals for regulars and visitors to the area.

The Green Man is a favoured haunt for holidaymakers in Essex, situated in the picturesque English countryside surrounded by woods and farms. With some generous portions and much-appreciated service, this restaurant is the pride of Chelmsford and one of the restaurants that should be on every culinary itinerary of the region.

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