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Dilly the dog comes home

Gemma Stevens was overjoyed when her eight-year-old dog Dilly was found safe and well after eight nights missing. Dilly was found by Gemma’s mother Sue.

Gemma was incredibly upset when rescue dog Dilly went missing from Shaw Green Lane in Prestbury. She feared that her beloved Jack Russell and Yorkshire Terrier cross had died in the cold temperatures.

Dilly was found in Sunset Lane in Bishop’s Cleeve eight days later.

Dilly went missing after Gemma, a teacher at Belmont School in Cheltenham, left her at a friend’s house while she attended a wedding. Dilly escaped from her friend’s garden.

She said: “We put up posters everywhere and people were so concerned about her. I think she has got quite a high profile now. It was just a miracle to find out she had just appeared at my mum’s feet.

“We had not heard anything for five days after she went missing and thought she was dead. I am absolutely dumbfounded.”

“When I heard she had run away I was totally guilt-ridden. I felt so bad for leaving her with someone else.

“She is not very good with strangers, which I think is why she ran away.”

Gemma received a phone call to say that Dilly had been seen near Sunset Lane after several fruitless attempts to find her: “Mum was walking and suddenly my dad said to her ‘look at your feet’. There she was – just sat there by her left foot. It was amazing.”

“Everyone has been so nice in helping find her. For her to be away for so long has been awful and we have been in a trance – it is like a dream to have her back.”

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