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Couple from Charlton Kings celebrate 50 years together

David and Alice Ross are still very much in love after 50 years of marriage and the couple, who live in Charlton Kings, are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

Alice said that she felt the “wow” factor the day that she saw David and she feels the same way today.

They met in Edinburgh in 1961 when they were both working in the same office.

She said: “In those days you were not really meant to say wow or ooh, but that is what I thought and just said it quietly and I still feel that way today.”

Alice and David got engaged on St Valentine’s Day and were married on Alice’s 21st birthday on May 12, 1962 at Cramond Kirk.

However, the marriage didn’t get off to the best of starts when Alice was struck down with food poisoning on their honeymoon on the Isle of Skye and they had to cut the holiday short.

They have two children, Caroline and Peter and four grandchildren, Aubrey, Angus, Ben and John Paul.

Edinburgh born Alice said: “David is a really nice guy and I think that has been the key to our long marriage.”

David who was born in Bonnybridge in Scotland, said: “We love each other and that is what has kept us together for so long.

“When I first saw Alice she was unmistakable and she is very clever. She is a persistent person and very artistic. We have had our ups and downs and been together through a lot, but we have always both been committed to making the best of it.”

The couple moved to Charlton Kings in 1977 when David got a job with Cheltenham Borough Council.

Alice said: “When we moved to Charlton Kings we only had a certain amount of money and it was the only detached house we could afford. But we have loved it here so much that we have stayed.”

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