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3,000 miles across America for Uni sports experts

Essex university sports science experts will help Chris Armishaw cycle 3,000 miles in 10 days for charity.

The Human Performance Unit will help the 47 year old complete the Race Across America which has been called the world’s toughest bike race.

The HPU is part of the Centre for Sports and Exercise Science. They help athletes train and study their performances as part of their academic research.

They will monitor Chris’ temperature and heart rate, take blood samples and calculate everything that he eats. They will also serve as his support team.

Chris is hoping to raise £30,000 before he goes for Action, a charity that funds medical research into children’s illnesses.

He has managed to raise £26,000 already and hopes that he can raise another £30,000 after the ride.

“Preparations are going well, but it’s the heat of the desert which worries me the most as that’s the thing we are not used to,” he said.

“You can find hills to train on, and the hills over there tend to be not as steep but longer, but the desert will be toughest. It can get up to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

“I have two daughters and when they were born they were both fit and healthy, but you always keep your fingers crossed.

“Not everyone is so lucky, and that’s why I chose to support Action.”

If you would like to sponsor Chris visit the Action website or follow him on Twitter via @chrisarmishaw or @racingteamessex.

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