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Brightlingsea return for youth festival

The Energize Brightlingsea youth festival which had 2,500 visitors last year is set to return in 2012.

The event on Promenade Way will take place on the 30th June. Activities included in the festival range from graffiti displays and zumba to street dancing, football and live music. There will even be a skate park at the event.

Organiser Mark Liggins said: “Energize is a high energy interactive show of contemporary youth culture and the atmosphere last year was so positive and genuine, great fun.

“It’s all about kids having a go and taking a part in the things they like rather than what their parents think they like, and parents are actively encouraged to get involved and play a part.

“Finding events such as this can be expensive for parents and frequently miles away not to mention a logistical headache so although we have to make ends meet, every effort is made to make it an affordable day for hard working parents, increasing the fun and reducing the stress.”

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