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Grandad Starts Up His Own Pub

Grandad Frank Fox doesn’t have far to go when he pops out to his local for a pint – it is in his back garden.

Frank didn’t know what to do when his local boozer was closed down, so he decided to recreate it in his garden.

The Whitmore pub, in Sadler Road, Coventry, was demolished to make way for a nursing home two years ago. Pub regular Frank took some of its furniture and set about building his own version in his yard.

He spent £5,000 building the 20-seat pub, on the site of his old shed. Frank has named it The Snooty Fox.

He explained: “When The Whitmore closed down I was gutted – I had nowhere else to go. I told a few friends of mine I was going to build my own.

“I bought all the wood and managed to get the furniture out of the pub before it was demolished, like the tables, chairs and signs.

“I even had a pint in there before it came crashing down. It was such a bad year for me because four of my friends died in the same year – I really wanted something that would keep family and friends together. It’s welcoming and I’m really proud of it.”

Licensing rules mean Frank is not allowed to open The Snooty Fox to the general public, but he opens the doors from 8pm every Friday and Saturday for family and friends.

He buys the alcohol from a local supplier and drinkers make a donation, with any profit made going to the charity Help for Heroes.

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