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Beauty and the Bike

The Darlington Media group production have finally released their documentary ‘Beauty and the Bike’ after more than a year on the road. It has been released onto DVD with a range of language subtitles. Further, to celebrate the release the ‘Beauty and the Bike’, their website has been totally transformed.

The new DVD features 3 versions of the documentary including a 26-minute version of the film to enable longer public screenings in which discussions of the issues raised in the film can be talked about. The original film however is 8 minutes short and a 55-minute full length. The three versions are subtitled in German, English, Spanish and Portuguese and Czech thanks to cycling advocacy groups in Valencia Lisbon and Prague. Additionally the follow up short produced in 2010 ‘What Happened Next’ has been added to the new DVD.

The Programme’s Youtube Channel has had over an amazing 93,000 views, and has been shown at public screenings worldwide; from Australia to North America and Europe.

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