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Brave war hero walks again

War hero Ben Parkinson has defied all the odds by walking again despite horrific injuries.

Ben, 27, of Doncaster, lost both his legs and broke his back, hips and ribs when his Land Rover hit a mine in Afghanistan in 2006.

Doctors said he would never walk again and never be able to eat by himself or talk, but the brave paratrooper is now walking on prosthetic legs and is even getting his memory back.

His mum Diane said: “Ben is just incredible in the progress he has made, and it goes without saying I’m very proud of him.

“Every little bit of Ben we get back is something we shouldn’t have. It’s just fantastic.

“The doctors told us he would never walk again, be able to eat by himself or talk – but we believed he would.

“Remembering things is one thing I think Ben never believed he would regain, but the other morning he woke up and told me he had remembered getting a rollicking from someone when he was in the Army!

“He’s just so happy to have some of these memories back, because he couldn’t remember anything from being in the Army.”

Ben was even able to walk up to his mum to give her a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day, despite being the most seriously injured British serviceman to survive the war.

Diane said Ben now wants to make a new life for himself working for military charities.

She added: “He’s also really excited about the Olympic Games, as he will be carrying the torch and wants to do it walking unaided on his long legs.”


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