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Jackpot winner kept pulling pints

Jackpot winner Lien Bailey carried on pulling pints for two weeks after his win because he was unaware his numbers had come up.

Lien, 23, from Doncaster, won a staggering £807,313.43 on the William Hill online Millionaires Club game but did not realise after his computer crashed when he was trying to check the numbers.

He logged off and never went back to check after having just a £4.50 play on the game.

Staff at William Hill then had to track Lien down after he failed to come forward.

He was starting a shift at the Urban Bar and Lounge in Doncaster town centre when he was told the life-changing news.

He said: “I didn’t believe it at first – I just thought it was a joke. But then I thought why would a stranger be saying this to me, it wasn’t like it was one of my mates having a laugh.

“I told the boss that I would carry on working and he said ‘no, go home’, but I managed to do about an hour before it really started to sink in and I left the bar.

“I actually felt sick and when I told my girlfriend Katie she was in shock.

“I have not been able to go to sleep since. It is amazing and it’s completely life-changing for me.”

Girlfriend Katie Brandon, 26, a shop manager, said: “He came into the shop and told me and I really thought he was joking.

“He left after telling me and went back to work and I really did still think it was a hoax.”


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