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Tiger Makes A Splash

A new tiger at Yorkshire Wildlife Park has been putting on a show for visitors and getting her picture in the national media.

The Amur Tiger, named Sayan, likes to play in the waterfall at the park’s Land of the Tiger enclosure. She has even been seen jumping from the top of the four-metre-high waterfall into the lagoon below, much to the delight of onlookers.

Visitors have even taken photographs of the tiger’s diving antics for newspapers and websites to publish.

Amur Tigers have thick fur and a layer of fat to help them live in freezing temperatures, so they prefer the colder weather.

Sayan is new to the wildlife park, after moving there in June as part of the Amur Tiger European Breeding Programme.

The Amur Tiger, which is the largest big cat in the world, is an endangered species and it is thought there are less than 400 left in the world. Staff at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park have paired Sayan up with male tiger Vladimir in the hope that the couple will start breeding next year.

The Land of the Tiger has been created with two pools and a waterfall for the water loving tigers. It has been built alongside a natural British Nature wetlands reserve. Visitors can view the animals from a stunning 150m walkway with views to one side of the endangered cats and from the other side to the endangered British wetland habitat and the rich bird and animal life that lives there.

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