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Hairdressing winner finds lost family

Winning a hairdressing competition brought more than just an award for Cath Purvis – she ended up finding family members she never knew she had.

Cath, of salon Hot Gossip, in Douglas, won the title of Stylist of the Year in the annual hairdressing awards organised by local newspaper group the Isle of Man Newspapers.

Her picture was spotted in the paper by long lost relatives after the award was given and she is now in touch with people she hadn’t seen since she was a child.

She said: “After I’d been in the paper my granddad’s brother’s daughter, so my dad’s first cousin, Margaret, came in to have her hair done.

“I found out I had a cousin in Canada, who’d moved to London and then a lady came in who had moved over to the island from Canada and she was my second or third cousin. She found out about me because she is one of my clients’ boyfriend’s mum.

“Margaret has sent us a lot of pictures of the extended family and there is a lot of family resemblance there. One of her daughters looks like my sister. I just thought it was lovely because there was so much history in it all.”

Cath also discovered how her granddad’s brother ran away to fight in the First World War but was brought home again by his mother because he was too young. She has also met up with an old family friend after many years.

Members of the public are now being asked to vote for their favourite salon and stylist for 2012.

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