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BAFTA star still lives in Hackney

BAFTA award-winning actor Adam Deacon says he loves East London and still lives on a Hackney housing estate despite his recent award.

Adam, who was given the BAFTA for Rising Star in February, says he wants to carry on writing about the area he grew up in, despite his sudden rise to fame.

The star of film Anuvahood, a spoof of gritty urban dramas about London youth culture, which he also wrote, directed and starred in, says: “I love east London and I still want to write about young people here.”

Adam, 28, says he feels young people are not represented enough and wants to be a voice for his generation. He is already an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust.

“I want to be at the forefront of films for young people. There are a lot of people making films for young people who aren’t young and they’re not from that world, so they don’t know about the dialogue. I personally think young people see through it. You have to write what you know.

“Even the middle-class kids I talk to, they’re starting to realise that for the first time, you do all your work, you go to university and you get out there and there are 35 people ahead of you with the same qualification looking for a job. People are just getting more and more angry.”

Adam, who attended Stoke Newington School, is constantly recognised on the streets of Hackney. He grew up on the former Kings Crescent Estate in Stamford Hill.

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