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Chance to enter the Magic Circle

Members of the public are being given a rare chance to enter the Magic Circle as part of a special fundraising event for a brave two-year-old.

The evening is being organised to help raise funds for toddler Poppy Pickford, of Holloway, who was born with a very shortened right arm and no hand.

Poppy’s mum Donna Padfield wants to raise the £33,000 needed to provide her daughter with a prosthetic arm as she grows up.

The fundraising gala evening is being held at The Magic Circle, in King’s Cross, in April. The building is rarely open to members of the public but during the evening ticket holders will be given a tour, a magic show and a chance to meet a top magician.

Donna said: “It is being held at the Magic Circle building in King’s Cross and the guest of honour is Dynamo, a famous magician. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us out with this.

“For Poppy to have a prosthetic limb for the next five years will cost £33,000 and we need to raise that. If we sell all the tickets, we could make about nine or ten thousand pounds, which would make such a difference. We already have about £5,000.”

Research has shown that some children born without an upper limb adapt better if they get suitable prosthetic arm early, but Islington Primary Care Trust says it is not cost effective to buy her one until she stops growing.

A spokesman for Islington PCT said its priority was to make sure Poppy received the most “appropriate” NHS care and treatment and said her progress had not been compromised by the decision.

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