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Ely Bird Mess Problem

Angry Ely residents have called for local crows to be shot after wreaking havoc in the town. Many say that the rooks and crows nesting in trees in the Annesdale and Station Road area “spiralling out of control”, however the RSPB is asking for residents to appreciate the birds as part of British wildlife.

Pedestrians and motorists have been complaining about the birds mess and residents in the area have said that the birds’ noise is “unbearable”.

Although complaints have been made to City of Ely Council and local newspapers, action can only be taken by the district council if the birds are deemed a health and safety hazard.

66 year old Robert Simpson, from Ely, said: “The number of crows in the Annesdale area is now spiralling out of control.

“Nothing’s being done to control their nesting so they’re just breeding and breeding. I walk through Annesdale to get to Tesco and the railway station but I’ve stopped now as I was getting messed on so much.

“The council needs to control them. Shooting some of them would be the best way.”

Another Annesdale resident, who did not want to be named, said: “The trees here are big so provide the perfect breeding site.

“They’re so noisy and are constantly in gardens and on our roofs. Our cars get covered in mess too. We’d like something to be done about them.”

The City of Ely Council said that they had only received “one or two” complaints and the district council said that they have not received any.

An RSPB spokeswoman said: “Rook and crow roosts are among the most spectacular in the natural world.

“Both birds, as a species are intelligent and inquisitive and although they may not be the most loved of birds, we should appreciate them for being an integral part of British cultural heritage.

“Crows and rooks are protected by law under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and the RSPB does not condone the illegal killing of these birds.

“If they are becoming a nuisance in a public place, the local authority would need to seek guidance and would preferably look into deterrents as a first option.”

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