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Bikers In Pink Bras

There was an unusual site in Glasgow’s George Square when leather-clad bikers arrived wearing pink bras and vests over their clothes.

More than 100 bikers took part in a four-day 450-mile ride around Scotland to raise money for a fellow biker who died from breast cancer. The aim of the event was to raise £25,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

The male and female bikers rode from Kilmarnock, through Oban, Inverness and Fort William before arriving in George Square in Glasgow. Men wore pink bras over their clothes while women wore pink vests.

Shirley Ann Barnes, 47, from Kilmarnock, organised the event after her best friend Alyson Porter died from breast cancer. She said the Macmillan charity had been a big support for her friend.She added: “Alyson had to give up work because she was so ill and she got into huge financial difficulties. She actually said the stress from worrying about money was worse than her worries about her illness. “That was when Macmillan stepped in. The charity gave her a grant to pay her mortgage and she was so grateful.” The bike ride has become an annual event that began in 2008; it has become known as The Breast Way Round.

Elspeth Atkinson, director of Macmillan Cancer Support in Scotland, said: “”They are taking on a real challenge and we are very grateful for the huge efforts that have gone into organising this massive bike ride.”Crowds were waiting to greet the wacky-looking bike riders as they arrived in the city.

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