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Atlantic rowing team ahead of schedule

A Scots adventurer, who is attempting to row the Atlantic in under 30 days, is already ahead of schedule.

29 year old Mark Beaumont from Perthshire is one of a team of six aboard the Sara G. They set sail from Morocco and will end their journey at St Charles in Barbados. The team are captained by Matt Craughwell.

Beaumont took to the social networking site Twitter to say that the crew were”speeding along at an average of 4.17 knots” and were beating the current world record’s 24-hour target.

The team will row in groups of three for shifts of two hours and hope to break the current record of 33 days.

The distance of the trip is 3000 miles, or nearly 5000km.

Beaumont is no stranger to challenges such as this as he completed a 450-mile row across the Arctic in August. He also broke the record for cycling around the world in 2008 when he cycled from Alaska to southern Argentina.

The adventurer said that he had dreamed about rowing the Atlantic for four years.

Another team of adventurers are marking the 100th anniversary of Captain Scott’s arrival at the South Pole with a commemorative game of cricket. The team includes Former SAS officer Neil Laughton.


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