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Children’s charity given helping hand

A charity dedicated to sending sick children on dream holidays has been given a boost.

The Cloud 9 charity has joined forces with the Pied Piper Appeal in Gloucester, to ensure even more children can enjoy a special break away.

Former nurse Liz White has been running Cloud 9 for 20 years from her living room. She now has the support of staff at the Pied Piper Appeal, and has moved into their offices at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The amalgamation means Liz can take a break from all the administration work of the charity.

Liz said: “It hasn’t felt like a life’s work, but I suppose it has been.

“It has been a commitment that I have been proud to have been involved in. It has been a privilege to have been in a position that I could help all these people. I think we are the jewel of the crown in Gloucester.”

Cloud 9 was started in 1986 after sick teenager Mark Boseley dreamed of going to Disneyland.

The Pied Piper Appeal works to improve the lives of sick children in Gloucestershire and was initially set up in 1992 to fund a new children’s hospital for the county.

One of the latest children to be helped by Cloud 9 is 12-year-old Elliott Graham, who suffers from cystic fibrosis.

His mum Rachel said: “Elliott is delighted. I would encourage other people to apply. He’s now trying to decide where to go.

“I think he wants Disney Land. But his main dream is to go in an aeroplane.”


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