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Town celebrates Katie’s birthday

Harrow Council has celebrated the 25th birthday of a town centre statue.

The bronze statue, called Katie, was originally installed in the town in 1987. It was removed for a brief period during an improvement scheme in Station Road and returned again last year.

The statue has always been a popular meeting place for people in the town and the council celebrated its birthday by catching up with the original artist and the girl who the statue was modelled on.

Warwickshire sculptor James Butler MBE, who is now 80 and still working as an artist, said: “It’s splendid that people have taken a thing like that to their heart.

“It was always one of my favourite pieces because of the sentimental value with it being based on my oldest daughter Kate.

“She was very excited and flattered that the statue was named after her.

“It was a very enjoyable project from the start, with a gentle and charming subject that hopefully lifts the spirits, so I’m very pleased that people still like it.”

Kate Butler, now 44, is a restaurant and café consultant and lives in Bath with her partner and two children.

She said: “It is incredibly flattering that the statue was named after me. It’s always been funny to think of all the people in Harrow who over the years have said ‘let’s go and meet under Katie!’”

Mr Butler also made 20 smaller Katie statues. The 12 inch and six inch figurines were auctioned off by the Harrow Heritage Trust to fund other works of art in the borough.


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