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Volunteers’ library is a hit

A Saturday morning library run by volunteers is proving a big hit, with 100 members already signed up.

The pop-up library, which is being run from a school in Barham, was only launched at the end of April but is already very popular with local residents.

The Barham Volunteer Library is being opened every Saturday morning in the former nursery building of Barham Primary School after the Barham library was closed down due to budget cuts.

The facility is open for three hours every week to give local residents an opportunity to borrow books.

Francis Henry, one of the volunteers, said: “One hundred members have joined in just two weeks and more are expected to join as news spreads about the fantastic books on offer, competitions, and fun activities made available by local people for local people.

“We have been packed out on both Saturdays and the support for our volunteer library from local people in Sudbury and Wembley has exceeded our expectations.

“We do lots of games and competitions and try to make it as interactive as possible.

“We proved beyond doubt the importance and benefits of a local library especially to the children and young people in our area.”

Francis’s seven-year-old daughter Gabriella Henry has also been helping out at the library by reading stories to younger children, taking part in a quiz and showing off her collection of semi-precious stones.

The group are hoping that in the future they will be able to set up in the former library building in Barham Park.


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