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Hospice Promoted by Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman To Promote Hospice

Actress Maureen Lipman has become an ambassador for a hospice in her home city.

Maureen, who was born in Hull, has taken on the role of promoting Dove House Hospice.

The hospice began in 1983 because its founders felt “greater provision should be made for the incurably sick in a loving atmosphere”.

This ethos is close to Maureen Lipman’s heart after her husband Jack Rosenthal died of cancer in a north London hospice in 2004.

She said: “There was something completely cuddling, comforting, holding about the hospice.

“These are places of life, not of death. Although, death is part of it. If you are going to have a quality of life and have a dignified and peaceful calm death with your family, that’s the place to do it.”

The actress will now support the hospice and appear at public fundraising events.

The hospice relies on the fundraising of individuals, groups and businesses in its local community to keep it going. It has an annual running cost of £5million and is funded for the equivalent of just 81 days per year, so funding is needed for the other 284 days per year.

Anna Wolkowski, director of clinical services at the hospice, said that rising inflation had put pressure on the budget.

She said: “Although we haven’t had any actual cuts in our statutory funding, the very fact that costs are going up all the time mean that, because our funding has stayed the same, technically it’s really a cut.”

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