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Schoolchildren Walk From Pub

A pub is encouraging school parents to use its car park in an aim to help children get fit.

The Barham Hotel, in Barham Road, Hull, has started the scheme with its local Griffin Primary School to encourage more families to walk some of their journey to school.
Parents are being invited to park in the pub’s car park during the school run to improve safety outside the school gates and to give children a chance to get some fresh air and exercise before and after school.

Zoe Mitchell, a teacher at the school, said: “Parents can park their cars at The Barham Hotel at the start and end of the school day and walk to school – five minutes away – to pick up their children.

“This promotes healthy lifestyles and will also decrease congestion around school, making it safer for our children.”

A poster designed by pupils at the school is being displayed in the Barham Hotel car park to encourage more parents to join the scheme.

Tina Tutty, who runs the hotel, said: “Zoe is a friend of mine and asked if it would be okay to launch the park and stride scheme at the pub.

“My daughter goes to Griffin Primary School and I think it’s a great idea.”It’s very congested outside the school – it has got to the point where people are parking on the roundabout, which is dangerous.

“There is a lollipop lady near the school so it is safe to walk there.”It’s a short walk but it makes the school a lot safer and allows you to do a little bit of exercise too.”

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