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Anyone want the Queen’s bunting?

Royal bunting is up for grabs for anyone organising a jubilee party, after it was used at a special event for the Queen.

The bunting, which was used at a marquee lunch for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh in May, is now being offered to residents in Huntingdon for their own Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

The red, white and blue decoration was made by Needingworth resident Nicky Drysdale, 41, for the royal event in Salisbury. It was then returned to her afterwards.

Nicky, whose bunting making business is called Mrs Bunting, now wants to donate 11.5 metres of the decoration to a local celebration.

She said: “We have only had the website going since January and to get something as incredible as this was unbelievable.

“At the time it was our biggest order and it was certainly the tightest deadline we have had.

“They were all very secretive about it in their inquiry and because of the time factor we decided to make up 60 metres on spec, so we were very happy to get the order, and then they wanted a further 46 metres.

“We have got some people who are going to use some of it on a rental basis for parties and jubilee events, we have got some we are going to use locally in the village and some is going on our own building here, but we had 11.5 metres left and we thought it would be nice to let someone from the community have it.”


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