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Charity copes with kitten boom

New homes are needed for over 100 kittens following a feline baby boom at an animal centre.

The Wood Green Animals Charity, in Godmanchester, is getting ready for the birth of up to 138 kittens after taking in a staggering 23 pregnant cats.

The charity also has another 65 cats in its care and 134 on its waiting list.

Staff are now launching a campaign to encourage more pet owners to neuter their cats and kittens in an aim to stop so many animals getting pregnant accidentally.

They believe the problem is due to owners not realising that cats can fall pregnant when they are as young as four months old.

Juliette Jones, manager of cat welfare at the charity, said: “There are so many myths surrounding cat pregnancy, one of the most common is that cats must have at least one litter before being neutered, which is not true.

“We neuter kittens as young as 10 weeks old and routinely advise owners to have their cats neutered by the age of four months.

“Many people do not realise that brothers and sisters will also mate, often ending in shocked owners and genetically deformed kittens.

“The result of people not neutering their cats is putting a huge strain on organisations like Wood Green. Fortunately we are lucky to have a group of dedicated fosterers who can take on most of our pregnant cats and rear them in a domestic environment to help ensure they grow up to become well rounded adults.”


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