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Mum runs charity Zumba marathon

Mum-of-two Lorraine Weir organised a Zumba marathon for charity after being struck down by Multiple Sclerosis.

Lorraine, who is also a fitness instructor, organised the event at One Leisure St Ives to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis Society UK.

She was joined by five friends: Emma Clark, Nicola Guitart, Heidi Schwick, Jo Travers-Brown and Immelda Pigg for the five-and-a-half-hour Zumbathon event.

Members of the public were invited to turn up in sports kit or fancy dress to take part in one of six classes being held throughout the day.

Lorraine, 44, who is a mother of two boys, was struck down by Multiple Sclerosis in 1997 and used exercise to help her beat the illness.

MS damages the nerve fibres that carry messages to and from your brain and can cause numbness and tingling, blurring of vision, problems with mobility and balance muscle weakness and fatigue.

Lorraine said: “In order to relieve some of the symptoms and increase my strength I took up swimming and joined the Impressions gym at One Leisure. Fitness changed my life dramatically and helped to reduce my symptoms.

“I’ve also met many inspirational people at the gym who have overcome many hurdles to achieve their own personal challenges. This inspired me to pursue a career in fitness to help others to achieve their own personal goals.”

The Multiple Sclerosis Society carries out research into the disease in the hope of finding a cure, as well as providing support and financial help for sufferers.


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