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‘It was like talking to my mum’, says schoolboy who spoke to Queen

A schoolboy who had a chat with the Queen as she looked at the artwork by talented, young Redbridge artists has said that “it was like talking to my mum”.

The Queen was looking at the artwork of some of the borough’s schoolchildren at the Design Marquee in the grounds of Valentines Mansion.

17 year old Hiran Adhia talked to the Queen about a canvas that he and his peers at Ilford County High School had made. It used dozens of stamps from the last 60 years to form the Queen’s head.

Hiran said: “I asked her if she thought it was a good likeness. She took a step back and said, ‘yes, it does look like me’. She said you can pick up a couple of key figures [on the canvas]. I said I enjoyed making it but I’m sick of stamps now! I think she wanted to say: ‘I’m not too keen on them myself’. I just thought I’d take a chance and talk to her.”

Schoolboy Alex Rose made the Queen laugh out loud as she spoke to him while he posed for a portrait that his father Jason, 46, was painting.

50 year old artist Yvette Rawson had vintage tins on display that she had decorated.

She said: “The Queen came right over and looked at one of the tins.

“It was exciting but also surreal. She’s someone you see on TV growing up so it was quite special.”

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