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Actor Goes Back To School In Liverpool

Actor Goes Back To School

Television actor David Morrissey went back to school to try to inspire the students, after admitting he did not get on well as a pupil.


Morrissey, who has appeared in dramas such as The Deal (playing Gordon Brown), Dr Who and State of Play, went back to his roots to give the masterclass.


The actor, who attended St Margaret Mary’s Infants, Juniors and Seniors in Huyton, Liverpool, as a child, was visiting Huyton Arts and Sports Centre for Learning.

He said: “I didn’t really get on with school, which was partly my own fault, but all my education, my soft skills as you could call it, came from going to drama groups in Liverpool and getting up on my feet and problem solving and improvisations.

“I was the youngest of four children and my three siblings were all very academic, they were off to university, they all wanted to be teachers and civil engineers and they did that.

“I wasn’t interested in that, I was slightly lazy as well… my father died when I was young so I was sort of able to get away with a lot really.

“The Everyman Theatre itself was very progressive. As the youth theatre we were also on the board of the theatre itself, so I was suddenly with local councillors, I was suddenly talking about budgets, and that was my education.”

He spent a morning at the school talking to a group of 40 students and answering questions.

He added: “This was a great opportunity to come and talk to students who have an interest and passion in performing arts.

“Hopefully my experiences will inspire them to continue to follow their chosen path in the performing arts.”

Morrissey was starring in the lead role of Macbeth at Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre during the time of his visit. The pupils at the school had also been taking part in a Macbeth project at the theatre. After the masterclass they watched the play, which also stars Julia Ford.

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